Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have a different procedure prep then my family member?

The preps vary because of underlying health issues and physician preferences.


How long will I be at the Endoscopy Center for my procedure?

The average time range is 1 ½  - 2 hours.


Why am I required to have a driver and why does my driver have to stay?

We are required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to have a driver accompany patients home because of having received sedatives for their procedure. Having your driver stay assures us that you have a ride home.


How do I get referred to your office?

Patients are referred to our office by their family physician.


Will I get sick with the preparation and the anesthesia?

Most patients do not get sick with the   preparation. If you do get sick, contact the office, if it is after hours the answering service will relay your message to the physician on call. Most patients do not get sick with the medication used for the procedure. If you do get sick, we have medicine available to treat the nausea and vomiting.


Is the Endoscopy Center at the same place as the office?



How long does the prep take to work?

It varies with each person. If you are taking the Miralax prep, it may not work until you take the 2nd or 3rd dose.